Federal Law in Switzerland

The latest changes in federal law (according to public vote of June 5th, 2016) will allow us to offer state of the art reproductive care backed by one of Europe`s most sophisticated and liberal laws.


  • Freezing of eggs and embryos (cryoconservation, vitrification of blastocysts) will be allowed up to 10 years.
  • Blastocyst –Culture is legal and will allow us to perform day 5 or day 6 transfers on a routine base and lead to higher success rates per  IVF-transfer and reduce risks  (lower twin rate).
  • Treatment with donor semen is legal.
  • Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD)  or Screening (PIS) will be allowed to reduce risks of known inherited diseases and enhance pregnancy rates per transfer in selected patients.
  • 12 embryos max. may be cultivated at a time in the IVF lab.
  • 3 embryos max. may be transferred at a time  (the trend moves in the opposite direction however, aiming to transfer a single but high quality embryo instead (eSET= elective single embryo transfer).

Insurance Policies

Usually Swiss basic insurances (Grundversicherung) cover diagnostic procedures such as ultrasounds, bloodwork as well as surgeries in the process of the fertility workup.

Hormonal treatments (stimulations) might be covered for 12 cycles as well as totally 3 Inseminations/ per reached pregnancy until the age of around 40 years.

IVF, ICSI, TESE and surgical re-fertilization are excluded and have to be payed out of the pocket.
Important: Some expat health plans as well as foreign insurances actually do cover IVF treatments- it might be worth checking.

Cooperation & partners

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